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      2017 CES science and technology exhibition opening soon there are 7 major trends

      Time:2017-04-18 15:06:59

      Lead: U.S. technology website CNET recently wrote, summed up the leading 7 major trends in this year's CES science and technology exhibition.
      The following is the full text of the article:
      The world's largest science and technology exhibition will be held this week.
      This year, about 200 thousand people will pour into Las Vegas to participate in CES. In addition, this year is the 50 anniversary of the founding of CES. A variety of products and services on the booth will remind us of the 1967 science fiction: from driverless cars to voice control personal assistants, and to a variety of camera drones.
      Yes, the last century in 60s in James Bond (James Bond), Captain Kirk (Captain Kirk) and George Gjertsen (George Jetson) will be in the hands of the stuff is now on display at CES, most of them can be available soon. In addition, all participants can use their own equipment in the pocket to live the event and the top products. Welcome to 2017.
      Of course, many of these technologies have been demonstrated over the past few years. After all, CES is still an observation of 3 to 5 years of gradual development of technology trends platform. So, although many trends are not new, but a few years ago when it was just more mature, more realistic.
      From this point of view, the following trends are expected to dominate this year's CES.
      Smart home everywhere
      Smart home products are expected to be more popular. This means that the daily more and more devices will be upgraded to the "Internet of things" as to whether the upgrading of products, useful is another matter. Wi-Fi connection and application control will be widely used in a variety of small kitchen appliances, and refrigerators, washing machines and dryers will also be more intelligent. The same is true of the doorbell, the bulb, the ceiling fan, the smoke alarm, and so on.
      Voice assistant and Internet of things platform control battle
      Format war has always been an important part of the consumer electronics field, CES embodies this point: VHS and Beta, HD DVD and Blu ray, Windows and Mac, iPhone and Android, temporarily several cases. In the emerging field of smart home, the latest format war for voice control personal assistant and its underlying smart home platform launched.

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