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      Women's work on the case of robbery empty handed knife chased three criminals

      Time:2017-04-18 15:04:15

      In the last working day of the night of 2016, 27 year old Ms. Zhang after work via Xiqing development zone near the intersection of road and building sendall, killed three young men with a knife robbery. Ms. Zhang was forced to call for help after the surrender of the purse, took the opportunity to seize the knife in the hands of criminals, and turned his head to chase fleeing criminals. Although unable to seize the criminals, but her courage also greatly deter the three robbery suspects.
      Suddenly hijack
      Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted his family has returned to his hometown in Hebei, Baoding. She recalls, because new year's Day holiday, in December 30, 2016 after work, she worked in the decoration of the company's work in a tour, to 19 or so before leaving the company.
      As she went along the industry sendall Jianfu near the intersection, suddenly heard behind came the sound of running fast. Surprised she did not think back to see, a 20 year old, wearing a red clothes man had rushed into her eyes. At the same time, a vulgar approximation to her neck, she looked carefully, was a slender sword. "Take the money! Don't shout, we won't hurt you!" Man with a knife threatened to intimidate Zhang Zhang pulled out a wallet.
      Sudden threat to small Zhang feel flustered legs soft, she saw no pedestrians, vehicles, and can not call for help, had to slowly come up with a wallet. At this point, there are two young men walked quickly, and stood behind the knife man.
      Empty handed knife
      See the knife wielding man took out his wallet and snatched the past, and will be in the hands of the sword to another man, and for cash in the wallet. Just calm down Zhang, see the three of them in the purse, you get distracted with a knife the opportunity to grab the knife and forcibly seized.

      For a moment, the scene reversed the situation, three young men were also Zhang empty handed knife accident was shocked. Let them not think of is, Zhang not only did not panic to run away, but the knife pointing to the man holding the wallet, shouting: give me back my wallet!" Three men are at a loss at the moment, first Leng for a few seconds, and then suddenly fled separately.

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